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If you are a lover of essential oils and have a collection at home, but feel you could be using them more.. then this is for you! A FREE Home Users eBook containing 10 essential oils and many recipes for how to use the oils around the home.

Co-authored with Angela Heldon, a very experienced practitioner with a passion for holistic therapies and educating her clients on continued care of themselves.

Conditions covered in the book include:

  • anxiety, depression, insomnia
  • colds, flus, bronchitis
  • premenstrual tension, headache
  • muscle pain, joint pain
  • constipation, indigestion
  • eczema, scarring, bruising  …  and more

Book format:

  • PDF format (4.7 Mb)
  • 20 pages
  • Contents
    • Essential oils:
      • Bergamot
      • Cedar atlas
      • Roman chamomile
      • Cypress
      • Eucalyptus
      • Geranium
      • Lavender
      • Lemongrass
      • Peppermint
      • Rosalina
      • Arnica
    • Blending:
      • Pure essential oil blends
      • Essential oils in water
      • Essential oils on your skin