Maria Mitchell Aromatic & Herbal Medicine Practioner

Reading the recent story on the fire at Maroubra Seals, I wanted to stress the importance of handling oils with care.

Descriptions in the various ┬ánews stories such as ‘pouring eucalyptus oil’ and ‘eucalyptus oil spill’ lead me to believe that more than a drop or 2 were used, and that the bottle it came from didn’t have a dropper in it or it was removed.

Please be careful how you use oils, there is very few reasons to use more than a drop or 2 unless you are a professional aromatherapist preparing a remedy.

Look after your burners too, candles and oils can be dangerous if the burners are not in good condition or left to burn down and crack.

All essential oils are flammable to varying degrees, a little care is needed to enjoy them without causing yourself more stress.




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