Hi, I’m Maria Mitchell.

And my goal is to help you feel less pain, less stress, and more energy. Plus, to treat those other pesky health problems you’re struggling with.

I know what it’s like to struggle with your health.  To feel frustrated and hopeless because the doctors’ solutions haven’t helped – and have even made things worse.

But have no fear! That’s why I’m here — to help you find natural solutions that actually WORK for your health problems.

My Story

I was born a normal, healthy daughter to migrant parents and grew up in a milk bar in country Australia.

Since then, I’ve moved to Sydney — where I spend my time dominating trivia nights (okay, maybe not dominating…) and singing with my themed choir.

It wasn’t long ago that my health was getting in the way of my fun though.

I had daily back pain.  I couldn’t sleep.  I felt overwhelmed.  And stress made me feel like I was on an emotional roller coaster.

At age 32, I was overweight, diagnosed with fibroids, and facing surgery.

I went through all the traditional routes with no results.  Doctors prescribed medications – but they didn’t help and only provided me with horrible side effects.  Massage and chiropractors only brought temporary pain relief until the next appointment.

I was desperate to find some relief…

But then I discovered a way to feel less stress, less pain, and more control in my life.  I didn’t have to cover my problems with pills.  I didn’t have to reschedule more and more massages or more appointments with the chiropractor.

I was very skeptical when I went in.  But after a couple of sessions, I realised that my pain was gone.  I was so amazed with what happened that I had to learn more.

I started by trying to understand how energy healing did what it did in my life.  And since then, I’ve spent a decade and a half learning about many different healing modalities – finding my passion and getting Advanced Diplomas in aromatic medicine and herbal medicine.

It wasn’t always easy though.

I’ve run into a lot of problems along the way.  Sorting out all the misinformation from Dr. Google.  Getting stuck in the stress of trying to make things “just right.”  And struggling to listen to what my body needs when stress rears its ugly head again.

But now my back pain is gone.  I sleep more easily and feel more rested.  I feel relaxed and in control of my life. And I’m healthier while actually taking less medication than I did before.

I’ve been so excited about it that I started teaching clients to get the same results over a decade ago.  They’ve experienced relief from arthritis pain.  They’ve felt digestive issues from ulcerative colitis fade to the background.  But more importantly, they’ve been able to focus on other things in life besides just their health problems.

And now I want to help you do the same.  The feeling of being free from your health problems is like lifting a weight off of your shoulders.

And the first step is simple. Just sign up for a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your health needs and understand how I can help you to eliminate your stress, pain, fatigue, and other health problems.

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