Maria Mitchell Aromatic & Herbal Medicine Practioner

Yes essential oils are flammable!!

Reading the recent story on the fire at Maroubra Seals, I wanted to stress the importance of handling oils with care. Descriptions in the various  news stories such as ‘pouring eucalyptus oil’ and ‘eucalyptus oil spill’ lead me to believe that more than a drop or 2 were used, and that the bottle it…

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Travels in India

India is a country of contrasts both physically and spiritually. Arriving in Delhi in January 2009, these contrasts were blatant. There were new roadways being built throughout the city in preparation for the Commonwealth Games in 2010, yet, under some of the new roadway supports, people could be seen picnicking.  To the side of the construction,…

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What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are volatile, concentrated plant extracts, most often extracted by distillation. They have natural diverse chemical components that are the precursors to modern pharmaceuticals and are still used in pharmaceuticals today. viagra dosis 25 mg viagra 25 mg sildenafil citrate buy cialis drugstore For example, peppermint oil contains menthol, which is used in inhalers…

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