Essential oils are volatile, concentrated plant extracts, most often extracted by distillation. They have natural diverse chemical components that are the precursors to modern pharmaceuticals and are still used in pharmaceuticals today. viagra dosis 25 mg viagra 25 mg sildenafil citrate buy cialis drugstore

For example, peppermint oil contains menthol, which is used in inhalers as it opens the airways. Menthol is also used for pain relief rubs.

What they are NOT is a floral oil made in a laboratory from a single molecule with limited or no therapeutic action. Oils are easy to find, but Aromatherapists are trained to be able to source high quality, unadulterated, pure essential oils and to know their therapeutic actions. cialis sale usa where i get viagra in bangalore viagra tablets for men uk

Essential Oil Research: Essential Oils could stamp out spread of deadly ‘Super Bugs’

University of Manchester Dec 2004

Essential oils usually used in aromatherapy have been found to kill the deadly MRSA bacteria according to research carried out at The University of Manchester.

Tests revealed that three essential oils killed MRSA and E. coli as well as many other bacteria and fungi within just two minutes of contact. The oils can easily be blended and made into soaps and shampoos which could be used by hospital staff, doctors and patients in a bid to eradicate the spread of these deadly `super bugs’. is there a generic viagra available onde comprar cialis generico em sao paulo trusted online pharmacy cialis

Researchers are now desperately looking for funding to develop their work and carry out a clinical trial. Peter Warn from the University’s Faculty of Medicine who worked on the research said: ‘We believe that our discovery could revolutionise the fight to combat MRSA and other `super bugs’, but we need to carry out a trial and to do that we need a small amount of funding ‘ around ¬£30,000.

‘We are having problems finding this funding because essential oils cannot be patented as they are naturally occurring, so few drug companies are interested in our work as they do not see it as commercially viable. Obviously, we find this very frustrating as we believe our findings could help to stamp out MRSA and save lives,’ added Peter, who is based at Hope Hospital.

Essential oils are chemical compounds found within aromatic plants, which the plants use to fight off infections. Researchers tested 40 essential oils against ten of the most deadly bacteria and fungi. Two of these oils killed MRSA and E. coli almost instantly, while a third was shown to act over a longer period of time, meaning that any soaps or shampoos made by blending these three oils would be effective over a period of time.

Jacqui Stringer who is Clinical Lead of Complementary Therapies at the Christie Hospital instigated the research and said: ‘The use of plants in medicine is nothing new but some people regard the use of essential oils as unconventional. Our research shows a very practical application which could be of enormous benefit to the NHS and its patients.

‘The reason essential oils are so effective is because they are made up of a complex mixture of chemical compounds which the MRSA and other super bug bacteria finds difficult to resist. The problem with current treatments is that they are made of single compounds which MRSA relatively quickly becomes resistant to, so treatment is only successful in around 50% of cases.’

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2 Thoughts to “What is an Essential Oil?”

  1. Sue

    Hi Maria
    are essential oils the same as fragrant oils?

    1. Hi Sue
      thank you for a great question.
      Simply, no fragrant oils are not the same as essential oils.
      Fragrant oils are synthentically created to mimic the aroma of plants, they are often in larger bottles, and much cheaper in price than essential oils. They do not have the therapeutic action of essential oils.
      Essential oils not only smell lovely, but they have beneficially effects for health. A true essential oil will be in smaller dark glass bottles, usually with a dripper insert. The label should state “pure essential oil” or “100% essential oil”. I also prefer oils that state the botanical name on the label, and country of origin, as this gives a trained aromatherapist more information and therefore the oils are more likely to be of good quality in order to pass scrutiny by professonals therapists.

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